Vaping Vamps Deluxe Starter Kit Review

Vaping Vamps Electronic CigarettesAs the ecig market grows, we predict that many new brands will come out that target specific demographics. Vaping Vamps is a good example of this as they were one of the first electronic cigarette companies dedicated to women. Last year V2 Cigs launched Vapor Couture which was designed to appeal to women who enjoy high fashion brands like Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Coach. Vaping Vamps, on the other hand, is for the everyday normal vaping needs of women.

Vaping Vamps Deluxe Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit ReviewVaping Vamps did a lot of planning and research when developing their products. While they are still stylish, Vaping Vamps ecigs are more subtle in their design than Vapor Couture. The batteries and cartomizers are black with purple accents. The battery tips glow blue when in use. When developing their flavors, Vaping Vamps held focus groups to find out what women really enjoyed. The winning flavors were Caroline – classic tobacco with a hint of mint, Mint Julie – menthol, Caramella – silky rich caramel, Tia Berry – teaberry and wintergreen, and Mango Lola – fresh mango.

Joe: Because Ryan and I aren’t women and we also don’t prefer mint flavors, I asked my girlfriend Rebecca to share her thoughts on Vaping Vamps flavors.

Rebecca: I was a menthol smoker so I was more than happy to try these flavors. Every flavor was enjoyable but the two standouts for me are Caroline and Tia Berry. They are natural and refreshing. I could easily use either every day and be very happy with them.

Ryan: I actually really liked the Mango Lola flavor. I lived in Mexico for six weeks during college and I ate an ungodly amount of mangoes while there. The mangoes in Mexico are the smaller yellow kind and they’re my favorite fruit now. The Mango Lola cartomizers taste a lot like the real thing.

Joe: Vaping Vamps flavor research paid off but we’d still like to see a straight tobacco flavor without mint accents.

Vaping Vamps batteries are strong and our 18mg cartomizers had a good throat hit but surprisingly little vapor production. Our other area of concern is Vaping Vamps website. We found it difficult to navigate through the website and got confused by the regular starter kits vs. the “Try Me” kits and available options. However, Vaping Vamps employees are very nice and helpful so don’t hesitate to call them with questions.
Vaping Vamps Electronic Cigarettes

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